Who We Are

H.R. Entertainment

H.R. Entertainment has entered 19 th year of entertainment and live event industry.

since 1997 H.R. Entertainment has served entertainment world with various genres pioneering laughter awards, cultural events, patriotic missions and star studded awards ceremonies. We also assure to handle any novel idea or requirement with equal dedication and expertise.

We specialise in award ceremonies and humbly assure our clients and sponsors, that we will certainly give them the best results for any genre of live events and entertainment world they wish to choose and value their each penny they invest.

We are open and flexible for any creative and fruitful discussion in interest of event.

We are taking this opportunity to introduce H.R. Entertainment as one of the leading event management company in Mumbai serving assorted organizations under one banner with the team of experts.

In-person events are a great opportunity to establish the right impression and reputation for your organization. Events offer a look into the organizations culture, a window into the corporation’s nuts and bolts, it also helps individuals to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, public speaking and creativity. It gives a much needed platform for the overall development of an individual apart from academics. A well-executed event can boost your credibility with clients, prospects, media, and other stakeholders.

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